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Our Scholarship Recipients

Meet our scholarship recipients attending a college from CUNY and read their story

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Elizabeth Soto

CUNY Hostos Community College - 2022 Recipient
Major: Radiology

Being awarded with the Glaelle Mathurin Scholarship means a huge economic relief to my household. Since I face with many financial struggles as a sole parent and full time student.
Fall 2022 will be my last semester in order to attain an associate's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Yet, I'm always worried and anxious about how to provide for my daughter. To the point that sometimes I feel guilty for not working full-time instead of attending college. The resources that I will receive from the Glaelle Mathurin foundation will allow me to cover some of my bills while I navigate through the semester. I truly appreciate it and consider it as a miracle.


Kennedy Manuel

CUNY Queens College - 2023 Recipient
Major: Chinese

My name is Kennedy Exandria Manuel, and I am a junior at Queens College. I am majoring in Chinese and plan to minor in anthropology. Being from Texas, I realized how difficult tuition and the cost of living can be in the state of New York. As a first generation student who strongly values family, it is especially more difficult balancing the cost of school, work, and providing for my mother and grandmother back in Houston. I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with Miss Glaelle Mathurin, the founder herself. As another woman of faith, she was able to provide encouragement, support, and insight on how to navigate life as a young woman in a new city and on how to be unwavering in my spirituality. It is my honor to be the recipient of this year’s scholarship. This scholarship helps take a dent out of the cost of my tuition, so I can focus more on my goals for both college and my career. I pray that there are more blessings such as the Glaelle Mathurin Community Foundation in store for me this semester.

Thank you to our Sponsor

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